OSX Mountain Lion: Safari 6 Speed Boost (Updated)

OSX Mountain Lion: Safari 6 Gets a Speed Boost (Updated)

Since we are using all Macs here at Tekna, we of course have done the update to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Along with this update came a brand new Safari, Safari 6.

Thanks to a reader tip, we’ve re-run the test with the latest Firefox version 14.0.1. The overall score ended up being actually slightly worse, at 1142 vs. 1155.

There are quite a few UI and other changes to Safari, but it seems to also have gotten a big speed boost, which was one of the first things we noticed.


This got us curious, so we ran some tests using the Peacekeeper HTML5 Browser Test from Futuremark. Safari beat out Firefox, but still trails Chrome. Here’s the details:

Browser Overall Result
Chrome 20 1943
Safari 6 1629
Firefox 14 1142


Browser Rendering HTML5 Capabilities HTML5 Canvas Data DOM Operations Text Parsing
Safari 53.92 4/7 17.61 18929.89 8476.89 75234.55
Firefox 22.7 6/7 11.05 23046.48 6657.87 53217.81
Chrome 57.67 7/7 10.62 40006.14 8774.18 128922.75

Chrome is clearly still on top, however the latest installment of Safari seems to be gaining. It beat Chrome in the HTML5 Canvas category, and was somewhat close in the Rendering and DOM Operations categories.

One thing is clear, Firefox is trailing far behind both Safari and Chrome.

As we check out more areas of Mountain Lion, we’ll be posting more, so be sure to follow us. And feel free to drop us a note and share your first impressions of the OS as well.


Here are the full, detailed results for each browser:


More Safari Tips

For more info and tips on Safari 6, check out this great writeup at chriswrites.com.


  1. Firefox 14.0.1 has just come out, 13 has been around for some time.
    Would you mind updating your test stats with the new version.

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