Seattle Bike Parking App

Seattle Bike Rack PinSeattle is a great place for riding your bike, but what about when you’re stopping along the way, where can you park your bike? No more looking around for random posts to lock up at! Did you know that SDOT has 2,230 parking spaces all around Seattle for you to use- there’s a bike parking app for that.

Introducing: A Seattle Bike Parking App

…the app designed to quickly tell you where the nearest designated parking for your bike is located.

Seattle Bike Parking

Nearby page shows bike racks near your current location in both map and list views
Search capability allows for searching of all 2,230 rack locations by street name
Favorites capability allows saving frequently used racks with a name of your choosing for quick reference
• Includes a map of Downtown Seattle bike routes
• Seattle Bike Parking is completely FREE. We hope that it makes it easier for more people to “go green” and commute by bike.

Be sure to visit the City of Seattle’s Bicycling Information Page for info on bike racks, bike lanes, and the Bicycle Master Plan!



Demo Video

Seattle Bike Parking App from Tekna Designs on Vimeo.

Embeddable Infographic

The app is still in the review process, but this infographic talks a bit more about the capabilities of the Seattle Bike Parking iPhone app. Seattle Bike Parking - Bike Rack iPhone App Copy and Paste below to embed this infographic